Start of series production for the »Lightyear 0«

Series production of the »Lightyear 0« began last week at the plant of Finnish vehicle contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive in Uusikaupunki. Developed by the Dutch company Lightyear, which was founded six years ago, the car is thus the world’s first series-produced vehicle with a solar-electric drive system. »Very soon« the first examples are expected to leave the factory. The company also sees the start of production of its Lightyear 0, which will certainly not reach high volumes due to its price, which has risen from around € 120,000 originally to € 250,000 ($ 262,000) in the meantime, as » as the first step towards our second, more affordable car, Lightyear 2.« This model has been announced for 2025, but so far without any further details.

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