Stadtwerke München and Coneva develop integrated energy management

German utility Stadtwerke München (SWM) and the energy service provider Coneva GmbH, which belongs to SMA Solar Technology AG, intend to develop an »integrated energy management system« based on smart electricity meters. There are already numerous comparable approaches in several countries, but on a smaller scale.
The system is intended to enable private and commercial SWM-customers to derive optimum benefit from the electricity they generate, e.g. with PV systems, and from their battery storage systems. Based on the software platform »ennexOS« developed by SMA, the smart meters, with which all customers of German power suppliers must gradually be equipped within the next years, are to be integrated. Because the devices not only provide consumption data, but can also transmit information and control signals from and for PV systems, power storage and other decentralized systems, SWM and Coneva want to take advantage of these possibilities.

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