Squad Mobility unveiled »Solar Squad«

Dutch company Squad Mobility has unveiled a 45 km/h, 4 kW, 2-person solar car for daily (sub)urban mobility: The »Solar Squad« will be homologated in the EU »L6e« category (light 4-wheeled vehicles). Depending on demand and local legislation, an 80 km/h version will also be offered later. The vehicle (length 2 meters, width 1 meter) offers space for two passengers sitting side by side, and a storage compartment (68 liters) in the back.
»Body panels and doors are deliberately left out to keep costs low, and for efficiency, ruggedness, durability and easy access,« says the company. Two children (up to 1.25 m) can sit on rear seats where legally permitted.
According to CEO Robert Hoevers, the solar-electric Squad »can charge up to 9.000 km per year in a sunny country with its own solar roof, making it completely emission free for most users driving circa 30 km or 1 hour per day for 300 days a year in an urban environment«. Extra range can be charged directly from the grid with an ordinary plug and/or portable batteries. Extra battery packs can be ordered for increased range.
The Squad, developed by two ex-Lightyear employees, is already available for pre-order in the EU. Retail price starts at around €5750 (ex. VAT). Deliveries will start in 2021 in the EU.

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