SPE expects European solar installations to total 16.7GW in 2019

The solar power association »Solar Power Europe« (SPE) expects that 2019 is one of the best solar years on record for the European Union, with 16.7 GW of installations added in the region, representing a 104 percent increase over the 8.2 GW added in 2018. »This makes 2019 the strongest growth year for solar in the EU-28 since 2010.«
In 2019, Spain was Europe’s largest solar market, adding 4.7 GW. Rounding out the top solar markets for 2019 were Germany (4 GW), the Netherlands (2.5 GW), France (1.1 GW), and Poland, which nearly quadrupled its installed capacities to 784 MW. This trend of increased solar installations was noted across the entire EU, with 26 of the 28 member states installing more solar in 2019 than the year before. By the end of 2019, the EU will enjoy a total of 131.9 GW, which represents a 14 percent increase over the 115.2 GW operating the year before, says SPE.
The 2019 solar installation data for EU-28 are first estimates from Solar Power Europe for solar power grid-connected systems and are based on official data from government agencies. If such information was not available from primary sources, Solar Power Europe has gathered data mostly through its members, comprising national solar associations. The final 2019 numbers and a new 5-year solar demand forecast will be published in Solar Power Europe’s »Global Market Outlook For Solar Power 2020 – 2024«, which will be launched in June 2020.

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