Sono Motors supports bidirectional charging project in Utrecht

German Sono Motors GmbH has signed a cooperation agreement with the Dutch project »We Drive Solar« in the city of Utrecht. According to the agreement, Sono Motors will provide 100 »Sion« electric vehicles to support the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) project, which combines bidirectional charging and car sharing. When the vehicles will be built and delivered was not disclosed.
The Utrecht region operates 500 public bidirectional charging stations. The Sion would be charged with clean electricity in addition to the power generated via the integrated solar cells and can feed excess energy back into the grid. The Sion's discharge capacity of eleven kilowatts, combined with its battery, helps »cushion peak loads and reduce the likelihood of power outages,« the company said. The capacity of 1.1 MW from the 100 Sion combined is equivalent to the capacity of a PV system the size of about two soccer fields.

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