Sono Motors equips Swedish buses with solar technology

Munich, Germany-based Sono Motors GmbH, together with Volkswagen subsidiary Scania and Swedish transport operator LLT, is testing the use of its »Solar Bus Kit« in the northern hemisphere. The aim is to optimize the efficiency of solar technology on buses for the northern climate.
LLT is initially equipping six Scania Citywide K320 diesel buses with a customized version of the Solar Bus Kit, each with an output of one kilowatt. These buses will be used for urban transport in Luleå, a city in the northern Swedish province of Norbottens län. This is expected to save around 2.9 tons of CO2 emissions and up to 1,100 liters of diesel per year of operation of a bus. According to LLT and Scania, solar technology could be an option for increasing the range of electric buses in the future.

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