Sono Motors and Rhenus test yield of vehicle-integrated solar cells

Sono Motors GmbH and German logistics group Rhenus SE & Co. KG are jointly conducting a field test to determine the realistic power generation potential of solar cells in the outer skin of trucks. Specifically, the test is aimed at »last mile logistics,« i.e., trips to the end customer that take place predominantly in residential areas. According to Sono Motors, the technology developed by the company to integrate flexible solar modules into the vehicle’s surface »in combination with the innovative Sono power electronics also enable use in low or indirect sunlight, as is often the case when driving in urban areas.«
A 15-ton truck from Rhenus was equipped with four solar radiation sensors on the sides and roof for this purpose. A data logger transmits the data to Sono Motors via LTE connection. The truck will be on the road for twelve months in the German federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The companies did not reveal whether the test will be extended to other vehicles or other regions – Rhenus is active in around 50 countries worldwide.

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