Sono Motors and MAN Truck & Bus test use of photovoltaics in commercial vehicles

Carmaker MAN Truck & Bus and Sono Motors have agreed to investigate the technical and economic feasibility of integrating Sono Solar technology into MAN's electrically powered »eTGE« van. The use in the panel van, in the station wagon with on-roof air conditioning system and in the eTGE with a refrigeration system will be tested. For all three concepts, the focus is either on additional range to be achieved or on a self-sufficient supply of auxiliary users.
The aim is to find out »how much energy can be generated by photovoltaics over the course of the year,« says Dennis Affeld, Senior Vice President & Head of Sales Truck & Van at MAN Truck & Bus. »We can then assess whether the technology pays off for our customers and at the same time helps to protect the environment.« Depending on annual mileage, he said, the eTGE can be operated more economically than a comparable diesel TGE. However, vehicle-integrated photovoltaics are not intended to replace existing energy storage systems such as batteries or fuel cells. Instead, they could reduce energy requirements as well as the number of charging intervals needed, thus extending the range.

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