Sono Motors and Chereau to power refrigerator trucks with solar energy

Sono Motors GmbH and Chereau S.A.S., a French manufacturer of refrigerated truck bodies, are cooperating on the development and testing of refrigerated trailers with a solar energy supply. Sono Motors, developer of the »Sion« solar electric car, has signed an agreement with Chereau’s parent company The Reefer Group to build a first trailer vehicle »for extensive testing to further evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of integrating a customized solar solution for a high volume series vehicle.« The trailer is scheduled to be unveiled in September at the IAA Transportation 2022 show in Hanover, Germany, followed by testing at a Chereau customer in France.
The plan is to integrate solar modules with a total area of 58.9 square meters into the roof and sides of a truck trailer. The theoretical maximum output is 9.8 kilowatts, but this is not achievable in practical operation due to the placement of the modules. The solar power is used to operate the cooling unit via the vehicle battery. According to Sono Motors, this could save around 3,400 liters of fuel per year.
Sono Motors offers its technology developed for the integration of solar cells in the »Sion« through its corporate division Sono Solar as »a one-stop shop for solar integration in vehicles,« and has already agreed cooperations with various partners, including the commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN, the provider of autonomous vehicles Easymile or the Munich municipal transport services.

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