Sonnen and Esforin bring electricity from private storage into intraday trading

German battery storage and energy services provider Sonnen GmbH and the electricity trader Esforin SE (Energy Services for Industry), which specializes in the marketing of flexible consumption and generation loads, want to allow private households to participate in intraday trading on the European power exchange Epex Spot for the first time. In this market segment, energy surpluses or demands occurring at short notice are traded. Because generation and consumption in the grid must always remain in balance, both the supply and the purchase of electricity can, depending on the current situation, either earn or cost money. Up to now, intraday trading has been conducted almost exclusively by large suppliers who can (or must) offer or purchase large quantities of energy at short notice.
Sonnen already operates a »virtual power plant« with the interconnected battery storage units of its participating customers in the »sonnenFlat« tariff and uses this to participate in the balancing energy market. Participation in intraday trading is even more difficult to manage. Esforin now handles marketing through »algotrading«, i.e. fully automated using appropriate algorithms. Sonnen wants to use intraday trading to generate additional income for its »sonnenFlat«-customers in times of high stock market prices and to be able to purchase electricity cheaply when stock market prices are low.

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