Solek Group completed construction of a 3 MW solar plant in Chile

The Czech investment group Solek Group has connected its 3.07 MW PV power plant »Parque Solar CuzCuz« to the Chilean grid Conafe. Location is approximately 300 kilometers in the north of the capital Santiago. The Czechs prepared the construction of the power station since 2014 whereas the first building works started last spring. Investment was about CZK100 million ($4 million), provided partly by the company Solek Group, and partly by private investors from the Czech Republic.
According to the company, the Solek Group is currently working on solar farms called »La Fortuna« and »Amparo del Sol«, the capacities are comparable to »Parque Solar CuzCuz.« Furthermore, Solek intends to enter the Iranian market and has already registered two subsidiary companies.

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