Solarworld waiting for offers from potential investors

Staff meetings have been held at the German manufacturing locations of insolvent Solarworld AG in Freiberg last Thursday, and in Arnstadt on Wednesday. The provisional insolvency administrator Horst Piepenburg informed the employees about the current status of Solarworld’s insolvency proceedings. In the previous weeks, two potential investors have been contacted from which offers are now being expected. »At the moment, the weeks and months until the end of this year are being calculated«, a spokesman of Piepenburg told PHOTON. As soon as first offers from the bidding process are available, they will be included into the planning.
Up to now , there have been no dismissals, but this could change because payments are secured by insolvency money (which is provided by the German public employment service) only until end of July. In case no investor can be found until August, the company would then have to lay off those employees who cannot be payed any longer, Piepenburg declared at the staff meetings.

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