Solarwatt study: One third of German homeowners plan photovoltaic system

Dresden, Germany-based Solarwatt GmbH has commissioned a market study for the second time since 2022 to determine the interest of homeowners in purchasing a photovoltaic system. The Hamburg-based opinion research institute Appinio conducted a representative survey of 1,000 people in March. According to the survey, 18.4 percent of German single-family homes already have a solar power system. However, with around 16.1 million private homes (Federal Statistical Office, as of the end of 2021), this would be just under three million systems, while according to the Federal Network Agency, a total of just under 2.8 million PV systems are currently in operation throughout the country (i.e. across all size and ownership categories). Some 75 percent of these – i.e. around 2 million – can probably be attributed to the residential sector.
Of the homeowners contacted in the survey who do not already own a system, 31.8 percent plan to purchase one in the next twelve months. That compares with about 25 percent last year. For 68.2 percent of homeowners, the most important motive for buying a system is to save on energy costs, followed by the quest for greater independence (61.8 percent) and »the desire to do something good for the environment« (43.8 percent).

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