Solarwatt introduced new energy management system

German Solarwatt GmbH has launched a new energy management system called »Manager flex«. According to the company, this optimizes the decentralized energy system and controls the energy flows in such a way that as much solar power as possible is consumed in the household or in commercial operations. »If solar power is not available, our energy manager switches on the consumers at times when electricity from the grid is particularly cheap,« says Solarwatt CEO Armin Froitzheim.
In addition, the energy manager enables the control of a heat pump and a wallbox. Charging of the e-car is possible immediately or up to a certain departure time, the company says. In addition, the charging process can be controlled so that the car is refueled when as much solar power as possible is available.
The product can be installed anywhere in the home like a router. This would also allow remote maintenance of the entire solar system without the installers having to be on site. The energy manager is available immediately and can also be retrofitted to existing systems.

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