Solarpack publishes results for the first time as a listed company

Spanish project developer and independent power producer Solarpack Corporación Tecnológica S.L. has published results for the first time as a listed company. Solarpack went public in December 2018.
According to the report, the company has put in operation 19.9 MW of newly installed capacity in Chile and Colombia during 2018 and has thus an overall capacity of 141 MW under operation in Spain, Peru, Chile and India. Plans for 2019 consist of 144 MW currently under construction in Chile. Furthermore, »a majority« of the 362 MW under backlog is announced to be put in operation in 2019. The company quantifies a project pipeline of 1,112 MW and an additional 1,826 MW of »identified opportunities«.
Solarpack achieved operating revenue of €38.9 ($44.2 million) in 2018, which is 28.6 percent less than 2017 (€54.5 million). EBITDA was €18.7 million, 15.8 less than 2017 (€22.2 million).

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