Solarnative introduces inverter for integration into the module frame

Frankfurt, Germany-based Solarnative GmbH will present its new module inverter at Intersolar Europe. The JT 350 is »the smallest inverter in the world«, reads the preliminary data sheet. And with dimensions of 23.9 by 22.3 by 385 millimeters, that may not be an exaggeration. With an AC output power of 350 W the volume of 0.19 liters thus corresponds to a power density of 1.8 kW per liter. By comparison, the IQ 7A microinverter from market leader Enphase delivers 366 watts with a volume of 1.12 liters, which corresponds to 0.33 kW per liter – not even one-fifth of the Solarnative device. Yet the European efficiencies are quite comparable, at 96.0 percent for the JT 350 and 96.5 percent for the IQ 7A.
This extreme reduction in construction volume was necessary because Solarnative wants to offer its inverter not only as an external device (JT 350-a), but also in a version for module manufacturers (JT 350-i) for integration into the module frame. The JT 350 is recommended for modules between 330 and 440 W. Solarnative achieves the high power density by using power semiconductors based on gallium nitride, which allows a switching frequency of up to two megahertz and thus a simultaneous reduction in inductive components – and consequently also in volume.
Solarnative was founded by Henk Oldenkamp and Julian Mattheis, who share the management. Oldenkamp had already presented the prototype of a mini-inverter six years ago. The JT 350 is now the market-ready result of years of development.

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