Solargise to invest $ 2.3 billion to manufacture plastic free solar modules in Canada

Solargise plans to invest CAD 2.3 billion (USD 1.74 billion) in the manufacturing of new generation plastic free solar panels in Quebec preferably in the Montreal area. The company is also examining three sites in Ontario. The »Sand to Power« project will be set up in two phases. Phase one involves setting up ingot, wafer, photovoltaic cell, plastic free photovoltaic module and glass plants and phase two involves setting up the 11N purity semi conductor grade polysilicon plant and MgSi plant. According to the company, the project once completed will create 1,000 direct jobs. Four conditions must be fulfilled for the realization of this project: access to power of 550 MW, the availability of a land of 200 acres, the proximity of a railway and a port, as well as the presence of research universities.
If this project is implemented in Quebec, Solargise intends to move its research facilities from Europe to Montreal and intends to sign collaboration agreements with Montreal universities. UK-based Solargise through its Indian subsidiary is developing gigawatt scale solar parks in India in conjunction with GE, in which the state of the art plastic free solar panels that will be made in Canada will be installed.

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