Solar Power Europe expects one million solar jobs in the EU as early as 2025

The European solar industry association Solar Power Europe (SPE) has presented its »EU Solar Jobs Report 2023« (for the reporting year 2022). For the third time, SPE takes stock of employment in the solar industry in the 27 EU member states. According to the report, the development is much faster than assumed a year ago.
The number of solar jobs will have increased by 39 percent from 466,000 to 648,000 in 2022, the report reads. Nearly 84 percent of those jobs will be in deployment, with another eight percent in operations and maintenance. Manufacturing currently accounts for only 7.5 percent (48,229) of solar jobs in the EU. While earlier analyses had projected the solar industry to reach a total of one million jobs by 2030, SPE now projects that this will already be the case by 2025.
The solar industry offered the most jobs (nearly 147,000) in Poland in 2022, although the country’s annual installed capacity of 4.5 gigawatts (GW) was significantly lower than in Spain (8.4 GW, 103,000 jobs) and Germany (7.4 GW, 96,000 jobs). SPE attributes this to a relatively large market for small, private installations in Poland as well as a particularly high proportion of jobs indirectly supported by the solar industry and the comparatively low wage level.

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