Solar Power Europe estimates EU-wide solar additions at 41.4 GW in 2022

For its »European Market Outlook for Solar Power 2022-2026«, the European solar industry association Solar Power Europe has calculated a newly installed solar power capacity of 41.4 gigawatts (GW) in the European Union in the current year. This is 47 percent more than in 2021 (28.1 GW). The EU-wide cumulative installed capacity has thus increased by 25 percent within one year, from 167.5 to 208.9 GW.
According to the report, Germany recorded the highest addition with 7.9 GW, followed by Spain with 7.5 GW, the Netherlands with 4.0 GW and France with 2.7 GW. Solar Power Europe expects the pace to increase again in 2023 and, depending on various factors, assumes a »medium scenario« – i.e. the most likely development as things stand at present – of 53.6 GW of new capacity. By 2026, the annual newly installed capacity would increase to 85 GW, so that the current EU-wide installed capacity would more than double to 448 GW within four years.

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