Solar dominates second tender in Australian state of Victoria

In the second round of tenders for renewable energies in the Australian state of Victoria (Second Victorian Renewable Energy Target auction, VRET2), six photovoltaic projects with a of 632 megawatts (MW) were awarded contracts. Four of the projects also include a storage system; the total power output here is 365 MW with a total capacity of 600 MWh.
Compared to the first tender round VRET1, PV dominated this time. In VRET1, wind farms with a total of 674 MW had been awarded a contract, while only two solar farms with 133 MW were successful.
The solar farms and storage facilities are intended to supply energy to public infrastructure in Victoria. The government has committed to sourcing only electricity from renewable sources by 2025. In addition, the solar power plants are expected to help reduce electricity prices.

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