Solar city car »Squad« now to be available in 2023

Dutch company Squad Mobility B.V. has announced a new sales launch date for its »Squad Solar City Car.« The small vehicle, which was unveiled in 2019 and announced at the time for delivery in 2021, will now be available in 2023, according to a statement. Pre-orders are now possible at a price starting at 6,250 euros plus VAT. In 2019, a sales price starting at 5,750 euros had been quoted.
The Squad, which is just 2.0 meters long and 1.2 meters wide, is available in L6- or L7-homologation versions for two or four people (two adults and two children up to about 1.25 meters tall), respectively, and 45 or 70 km/h top speeds. With the rear seat folded, luggage capacity increases from 68 to 234 liters. The car is equipped with replaceable Li-ion batteries, with a range of up to 100 kilometers. Charging is done with 220 volts at a standard household socket. Solar cells on the roof are said to provide up to 20 kilometers of additional range.

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