Solar and wind are already cheaper than nuclear energy, Agora Energiewende

Solar and wind energy are already more cost effective than nuclear energy, according to a study conducted by Prognos AG on behalf of Germany-based think tank Agora Energiewende. The study, which has examined the incentives for nuclear power in the UK, concludes that wind and solar power can currently produce electricity up to 50% cheaper than new nuclear power plants. Furthermore, the study believes that an electricity system based on the combined capacity of wind, solar and natural-gas power plants could be able to reduce by 20% the electricity prices compared to a system that includes nuclear energy.
»The winner in battle over the cheapest means of CO2-free power generation has been decided," said the executive director of Agora Energiewende Patrick Graichen. »In the future wind and solar will play an ever greater role in countries across the world as a source of power. Together with other countries and regions taking the lead on preventing climate change, Germany has an opportunity to showcase how stable and cheap power production can be based on wind and solar.«

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