Solar additions in the Czech Republic amounted to 62 megawatts in 2021

The Czech solar association Solární asociace has announced an addition of 62 megawatts of new solar power plants in 2021. This represents an increase of around 20 percent compared to the previous year. Interest in small rooftop installations has been particularly strong, with the average system size in 2021 at 6.7 kilowatts (previous year: 8.3 kilowatts). In the meantime, however, installers were already reaching their capacity limits. »Without the years-long anti-solar campaign, several tens of thousands of households and businesses would already have been able to adjust to the high energy prices and have their solar systems long ago. Now we are in a situation where the installation companies are not able to meet the demand,« Jan Krcmár of Solární asociace summarizes the situation. In addition, Krcmár complains about the complex administration related to the construction of solar systems, especially on commercial properties.
Nevertheless, the association expects a trend toward large rooftop installations and ground-mounted power plants in the coming years. For example, the first ground-mounted plants supported by the Modernization Fund would likely come online in 2022. Further, a new National Renewal Plan (Národního plánu obnovy) program targeting rooftop power plants for businesses is expected to kick off.

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