»The Smarter E Europe«: Futura Sun with »Silk Plus Duetto« glass-glass module and new colour modules

Italian module manufacturer FuturaSun srl is presenting its new »Silk Plus Duetto« double glass modules at the Intersolar. The series comprises two module sizes with a power range of 390 to 410 watts for private rooftop systems and 535 to 550 watts for commercial systems. The modules each contain 108 or 144 bifacial PERC half cells in M10 format with an edge length of 182 millimetres. The efficiency of the most powerful module is 21.29 percent. FuturaSun has applied for general building approval at the German Institute for Building Technology in Berlin, »but it will probably take a while,« says Ricarda Gutsch, Sales & Marketing Manager Germany.
The larger module type is also offered with a white interspace pattern on the second glass, which increases the albedo on both the front and back of the module. FuturaSun also supplies the modules with long cables as standard, allowing installation in both portrait and landscape orientation. The manufacturer provides a 30-year performance guarantee on 85 percent of the output power and a 15-year product warranty. The new series will be available from the end of April.
FuturaSun is also working on the second generation of its coloured modules, which will be converted to solar cells of M10 format. A new glass is to ensure that the modules will have »significantly more power,« Gutsch said. A preliminary data sheet for the red variant with outputs between 340 and 355 watts mentions an efficiency of up to 18.18 percent for the most powerful module. Other possible colours are orange and silver, as before, and green will also be available in the future, according to Gutsch.
The new »Silk Plus Red« modules will also be on display in Munich. FuturaSun gives a 15-year product guarantee for the colour modules, the performance guarantee is 25 years on 87 percent of the output power. The modules are manufactured in the company’s own factory in China.

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