»The smarter E Europe«: Daylight Eco presents storage system for balcony power plants

Munich-based start-up Daylight Eco GmbH is presenting its new »Eclipse« storage system for balcony power plants at Intersolar. The lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2.8 kilowatt hours and an output of 0.4 kilowatts. The electronics is an in-house development of Daylight Eco, the production of the storage is done by Katek Mauerstetten GmbH. The system has two MPP trackers with a combined input power of 2,000 watts. Mobile applications can be connected to the storage via Europlugs and USB-C, for example a router or laptop, so that these can also be operated in the event of a power failure. The charging and discharging behavior is controlled by artificial intelligence-based software that takes into account the load profile of the consumer as well as weather data.
What is unusual about the system is that it has an integrated interface to the EPEX electricity exchange: »In order to supply the household with the cheapest possible electricity even on rainy days, dynamic electricity prices can be automatically included in the calculation,« explains Michael Biberger, one of the three founders of Daylight Eco.
The system is designed as a plug-and-play solution so that, according to Daylight Eco, no electrician is required. The price is 2,950 euros (0 percent VAT). The company says it has already received 6,000 pre-orders. Delivery is scheduled to begin in late summer 2023. (Booth no. A3.553).

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