»The Smarter E Europe«: Controllable heating rod »Smartfox Pro Heater 6K« by Dafi

Dafi GmbH from Austria is showing its new »Smartfox Pro Heater 6K« at EM-Power Europe, which uses surplus solar power for heating a hot water storage. The »Heater« can be used for enamelled buffer tanks and containers and can be regulated in 15 dynamic stages between 220 watts and six kilowatts. The maximum rated current is nine amperes. Standby consumption is three to four watts.
The integrated temperature sensor in the operating mode »minimum temperature« ensures sufficient hot water even in cloudy weather. The included power measurement enables monitoring via web portal and app. The heater is connected via a plug solution and controlled via an RS485 interface. It is compatible with the »Smartfox« energy manager from Dafi, which is the decisive difference to the company’s previously produced heating rods, which still required a separate power controller for regulation. This is now taken over by the energy manager.
According to Dafi, the price for the »smart« heating rod is around € 700 to € 800 for end customers, and the same amount is due again for the energy manager. There are no annual costs for possible software updates. The market launch is planned for the beginning of the third quarter (Bootth No. B5.111).

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