»The smarter E Europe«: Coating system to enable one percent more efficiency for half, multi- and shingle cells

Singulus Technologies, a production equipment manufacturer based in Kahl am Main, Germany, specializing in thin-film technology and surface treatment in the fields of photovoltaics, semiconductors, medical technology, packaging, glass & automotive, and battery & hydrogen, will present its »GENERIS PET« vacuum coating system at Intersolar. The abbreviation PET (Passivated Edge Technology) stands for the passivation of the cut edges of half, multiple and shingle solar cells.
Semi-shingle and shingle cells in particular are being used by an increasing number of module manufacturers to reduce electrical resistance, especially in view of ever larger cell formats. However, cutting solar cells with lasers causes recombination losses at the cut edges. This is to be minimized by applying passivation layers to the cut edges in the PET process, enabling efficiency gains of up to one percent compared to non-passivated cells.
According to Singulus, the GENERIS PET can be integrated into existing cell and module production lines and enables throughput of several gigawatts per year »depending on the configuration« (Booth A2.520).

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