»The Smarter E Europe«: Above-ground cable trays for 6 millimeter cables from Gripple

Gripple Ltd, a British supplier of tensioning and fastening systems, has expanded its photovoltaic product range with the addition of the »CableSmart« mini cable tray, which has been specially developed for fastening 6 millimeter solar cables.
The CableSmart is part of Gripple's cable management range, which provides solutions for above-ground installation of solar cables. It is designed to be used with Gripple’s CableSmart tensioning kit. It is installed using a suspension system with a snap-lock bracket and easy side-loading feature, which is said to prevent damage to the cable during installation. The wide surface is also said to prevent long-term damage from abrasion or wear. Gripple claims service life of »more than 30 years« at a tested operating temperature of minus 40 to plus 90 degrees Celsius.
The company sees several advantages over underground installation, not only because there is no need to dig trenches and thus installation can proceed much faster. Above-ground cables are also easier to inspect and more accessible for repairs.
Gripple will have a complete CableSmart demo installation on display at Intersolar Europa (booth No. A5.535).

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