SMA surpasses 1 GW installed solar inverter in Latin America

3 MW Santuario PV plant in Chile

Inverter manufacturer SMA surpassed 1 GW of installed solar capacity in Latin America. The company’s business covers all of Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. Primarily led by installations in Chile and Brazil, the 1 GW of capacity is largely a result of commercial and utility-scale solar installations, as well as some off-grid and hybrid systems. In addition to solar inverter sales and support, the company offers its PV plant O&M solutions »Optim« in the region.
SMA made further investments in the Latin American market last year. As reported, in May 2018 SMA announced a local service and product exchange program in Mexico. Therefore, the company has entered into an agreement with Exel Solar to forge a strategic partnership »that will result in faster service and reliable local support for solar installers in the country.« According to SMA, Exel Solar will provide residential, commercial and storage/hybrid energy support in Mexico, and will also manage a warehouse with SMA products for local exchanges and replacements.

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