SMA supplies MVPS for 220 MW PV plant in Chile

German inverter manufacturer SMA Solar Technology AG is supplying 46 Medium Voltage Power Station (MVPS) to the 220 MW »Diego de Almagro Sur« photovoltaic power plant in Chile's Atacama Desert. The project is being built on behalf of the South American power producer Colbun SA. The MVPS are each equipped with a Sunny Central 4600 inverter as well as a transformer and switchgear in containers, and furthermore with a temperature management system for the extreme conditions in the desert.
SMA had already supplied inverters to the »Ovejeria« solar power plant, also built in Chile, for Colbun SA in 2018. In Chile, 44 percent of the electricity used currently comes from renewable energies. The country aims to increase the share of renewable energy in the electricity mix to up to 70 percent by 2030 and up to 95 percent by 2050.

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