SMA publishes guidelines for handling photovoltaic systems during floods

German SMA Solar Technology AG provides information on how to handle solar systems during floods. »Solar systems do not pose any potential danger during normal operation,« says the company. However, as with all electrical equipment, solar systems with and without battery storage systems should be handled with caution in the event of water ingress caused by flooding. For example, flooded rooms where inverters or other solar system installations are still live should not be entered to avoid the risk of electric shock. SMA has summarized in two guides what system operators, electrical specialists and emergency services should absolutely observe for the safe handling of photovoltaic systems damaged by the flood. Both papers are available free of charge as PDF on the SMA homepage ( and via the links below. The SMA Service Line can be reached for questions regarding flood damage to photovoltaic systems at 0049 561 / 9522-499.

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