SMA presents new hybrid inverters Sunny Tripower Smart Energy

German inverter and system technology provider SMA Solar Technology AG is presenting its »Smart Energy« hybrid inverters at the Munich trade fair »The smarter E«. These were already announced in January, since April they have also been available in wholesale – but initially in small quantities.
In the meantime, data sheets are also available for the series, which is available in the power classes 5 kilowatts (kW), 6 kW, 8 kW and 10 kW. The European efficiency is between 97.3 and 97.8 percent, while the maximum efficiency reaches 98.2 percent. This means that the more powerful units in the series in particular have to dissipate quite a lot of heat loss at maximum output; for the 10 kW unit, for example, this would be 200 watts. Since there is no integrated fan that could support the heat dissipation in such a situation, a performance reduction is to be expected if necessary. However, SMA only provides information on the operating temperature range, which is minus 25 to plus 60 degrees.
All devices in the series have the same dimensions of 50.0 by 59.8 by 17.3 centimeters and the same weight of 30 kilograms. This results in comparatively high power weights of up to 6.6 kg/kW for the smallest device, the Sunny Tripower 5.0 Smart Energy. SMA specifies the self-consumption at night with 44 watts – also quite a high value.
SMA advertises its new series as compatible with DC-coupled high-voltage batteries from »leading manufacturers« and »high charging speed«. However, unlike low-voltage batteries, which usually operate at 48 volts, there is no such quasi-standard for high-voltage batteries. Here, care must be taken in the system design to ensure that the voltage of the inverter matches the voltage of the battery.

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