SMA increased sales by 26 percent in 2020

German SMA Solar Technology AG sold inverters with a cumulative output of 14.4 GW in 2020. Sales were 26 percent above the previous year's level (2019: 11.4 GW). In total, SMA thus has more than 100 GW of installed inverter capacity delivered, the company announced.
According to preliminary figures by the SMA Managing Board, sales rose to €1,027 million ($1,231 million) compared to €915.1 million in the previous year. This was in line with the Managing Board forecast published at the beginning of 2020 of €1,000 million to €1,100 million. Operating earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) are expected to come in at €72 million (2019: €34.2 million).
For fiscal year 2021, the SMA Managing Board expects sales to grow to €1,075 million to €1,175 million and EBITDA to increase to €75 million to €95 million. The company expects further growth of the photovoltaics market in Europe and America as well as the global storage market. The audited consolidated financial statements for 2020 will be published by SMA on March 25, 2021.

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