Slenergy presents preconfigured system »iShare-Home«

Slenergy Technology (A.H.) Co., Ltd. from Chuzhou, China, announced its entry into the German market on May 31 and took the opportunity to present its »iShare-Home« system. The package includes black-look glass-foil modules with monocrystalline PERC half cells and an output of 405 watts. The efficiency is 20.7 percent. The smart junction box is equipped with a shutdown function.
Inverters and storage system are from own production. The three-phase hybrid inverters have a nominal output power between 4.0 and 15.0 kW with a European efficiency between 97.3 and 97.4 percent. They are equipped with two MPP trackers. The high-voltage storage system contains lithium iron phosphate battery cells sourced from Chinese manufacturer CATL. The capacity ranges from 6.9 to 18.4 kilowatt hours, depending on the number of cells. The complete package also includes a mounting system suitable for concrete, clay and slate roof tiles, as well as a cable set. A wallbox will also be available in the future.
The iShare Home system is offered pre-configured in seven power classes between 4 and 15 kilowatts. Monitoring is done via an energy management system that can be controlled via an app.
In addition to Germany, the company is currently active in Europe in the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

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