»Sion« with LFP battery and longer range

Sono Motors GmbH plans to equip its Sion solar electric car with a 54-kilowatt-hour battery instead of the current 35-kilowatt-hour battery. This will increase the vehicle's range from 255 kilometers to up to 305 kilometers. The maximum charging power will increase to 75 kilowatts. The additional solar range of 112 kilometers per week on average remains unchanged. According to the company, at peak, 245 kilometers per week is also possible.
»In our surveys, more than 90 percent of previous reservers voted for a more powerful battery,« said Laurin Hahn, CEO of Sono Motors. »With greater capacity, more range, faster charging, improved safety and the elimination of cobalt, manganese and nickel, this new battery will further strengthen the Sion's unique market position.« The battery is based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology. This improves battery safety in terms of flammability and increases the service life to up to 3,000 cycles or up to 900,000 kilometers, he said.

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