Singulus will deliver vacuum sputtering system to Fraunhofer ISE

German Singulus Technologies AG has received an order from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE to supply a Vistaris 600 cathode sputtering system (vacuum coating by sputtering) for the »Center for Highest Efficiency Solar Cells« (ZHS) in Freiburg, Germany. According to the company, the scientists will use the new equipment to develop materials and processes to manufacture »novel next-generation, high-efficiency solar cells«.
To maximize efficiency, the ISE is investigating especially how to stack two solar cells with differing spectral light absorption to create tandem cells. To optimize the two cell structures and minimize energy losses, functional thin layers exhibiting adjusted optical and electronic characteristics are required. »The Vistaris 600 makes it possible to deposit oxidic and metallic layer systems using industrially scalable sputtering processes and to bring them in line with the requirements of high-efficiency cells,« says Singulus.

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