Singulus to supply HJT production equipment for gigawatt factory in Europe

Production equipment manufacturer Singulus Technologies AG of Kahl am Main, Germany, has agreed »with a major European energy supplier« to supply »SILEX« process equipment to be used in a production line for heterojunction (HJT) solar cells. As part of a pre-contractual agreement, the customer’s down payment was received on May 9. According to Singulus, the order volume is »in the lower double-digit million euro range,« but the customer is planning a factory »with a capacity of several gigawatts.«
The buyer, which Singulus did not name, is likely to be Enel Green Power SpA, part of the Italian energy group Enel, which plans to build a production capacity of three gigawatts of HJT cells annually in Catania, Sicily, by 2024 as part of the EU-funded »TANGO« (iTaliAN pv Giga factOry) project.
According to Singulus, SILEX machines have already been used »for quite some time« in the production of the current customer as well as by numerous other cell manufacturers. In addition to HJT production, the wet-chemical system is also suitable for integration into production lines for conventional PERC cells as well as TOPCon and IBC technology. The latest generation can process up to 14,000 wafers per hour and is designed for formats from »M10« to »M12plus« as well as for half cells.

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