»Silosophie« association turns silo towers into solar works of art

The association »Silosophie«, aiming at »reuse, redesign and research around silo facilities and similar buildings« from Pernitz, Austria, has painted its first silo tower and equipped the south side with a façade PV installation. The solar system is equipped with bifacial modules from Swiss manufacturer Megasol and has an output of 60 kilowatts. The expected electricity yield is 48 megawatt hours per year. Connection to the grid is planned for 2 May.
The 45-metre high silo tower in Engelharstetten is to be inaugurated on 3 June, by which time photos of the completed project will also be available, according to Armin Knöbl of Silosophie. The press picture published for the time being is therefore only a symbolic picture. The project was supported by Austrian inverter manufacturer Fronius, among others. The installation was carried out by the company Smobi from Vienna.

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