Silfab partners with Morgan Solar to produce a low-cost PV module for utility-scale projects

Canadian module manufacturer Silfab Solar Inc. and Canadian PV technology company Morgan Solar Inc. announced a partnership »to develop and mass produce a disruptive low-cost PV module, designed specifically for large commercial and utility-scale projects.«
The joint venture targets »significant cost savings with lower capital investment, and superior quality for many years,« said Mike Andrade, CEO of Morgan Solar Inc. According to the companies, reduced cells and silicon use per module can reduce overall module costs by as much as 30 percent. »New manufacturing methods, such as fully automated bussing, has helped Silfab to drive down the price of solar modules by reducing production costs. Silfab's manufacturing process is ranked among the most automated in the world.«
In November, the Canadian Ministry of Innovation announced to invest CAD 9.5 million (USD 7.5 million) for two Toronto companies to develop new solar power and energy grid technologies. The investment includes Morgan Solar to research on reducing the amount of expensive material required in solar panels (we reported).

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