Significantly increased expansion targets in German government draft

A German government document dated June 2, 2021, marked as confidential, specifies a significantly increased expansion target for solar and wind power plants. In the 30-page draft for a »Climate Pact - Immediate Climate Protection Program 2022 of the Federal Government« available to PHOTON, the target for onshore wind energy is now 95 GW by 2030, and 150 GW for PV. Paragraph 4 of the country’s Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG) currently defines 71 GW for wind and 100 GW for solar.
According to the draft, among other things, a »PV or solar thermal installation obligation is to be introduced for all new buildings and for major roof renovations.« In addition, more PV systems are to be installed on roofs of state-owned properties. The paper does not provide any further details on how the rate of newly installed PV capacity can be increased to an average of ten GW per year. Furthermore, it is completely open whether the draft will be passed in this form. Consultation in the Bundestag is not planned until after the summer break.
In an initial reaction, the German Solar Industry Association (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft, BSW) expressly welcomed the government’s plans, but at the same time called for swift action and appealed to the German parliament to »implement this plan in the two remaining session weeks before the elections« which are to be held in September.

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