Seraphim plans to open new 500 MW PV cell plant in South Africa in Q3 2019

Chinese Seraphim Solar System Co. Ltd. inaugurated a new 500 MW solar cell factory in the Coega Industrial Development Zone of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, along with 200 MW half-cell module assembly expansion in Eastern Cape. According to the company, this cell factory »will be the first in the African continent.«
The new expansion will bolster Seraphim's manufacturing supply chain in South Africa by directly supporting its 300 MW module assembly plant already operating in Eastern Cape since August 2018. »The new factory equipment plans are a critical element in Seraphim's globalization strategy to mitigate against unpredictable tariffs levied on Chinese manufacturers,« says the company. The new factory and expansion is co-developed by both Seraphim and Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC), and will begin commercial operation in Q3 2019.
»We have continuously received purchase orders for modules from our 300 MW factory in South Africa since it reached full production in September; building our own cell plant in South Africa is the ideal way to support our customer base by optimizing our production and reducing lead times,« commented Polaris Li, President of Seraphim. The company aims to support the South African factory by sending their seasoned technical team to South Africa to accelerate construction and commissioning of equipment and to train local employees.

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