Sener starts up »Noor Ouarzazate III« solar receiver

Spanish engineering services provider Sener starts up the receiver of the »Noor Ouarzazate III« solar thermal power plant. According to the company, it is the second plant designed and built by Sener using its own central receiver tower and molten salt heat storage technology, and »one of the first ones in the world to apply this configuration on a commercial scale.« Sener recently carried out the start up of the solar receiver, pointing the heliostats towards the receiver located on the top of the tower, at a height of 250 meters, to pre-heat it to 320 degrees Celsius.
The 600 MW high-powered receiver has been developed in collaboration with Moroccan companies and, once in operation, it will enable the plant to reach a gross production of 150 MW and 7.5 hours of heat storage. As a preliminary step in the receiver start-up, Sener has completed the functional tests in the solar field, comprising 7,400 heliostats HE54, designed and patented by the company.
Once the receiver pre-heating tests are completed, the next step in the commissioning phase will be to circulate the molten salt throughout the receiver to heat them to the daily commercial operation temperature (550 degrees Celsius). The last phase will consist in generating steam using the heat captured from the molten salts.
»Noor Ouarzazate III« is part of the Noor solar complex located in Morocco and managed by Masen. The plant's delivery to the client is planned for the last quarter of 2018.

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