Sener plans solar thermal hybrid power plant with storage and photovoltaics in Spain

Sener has already worked on the NOOR Ouarzazate III CSP tower power plant in Morocco.

Sener Renewable Investments, part of the Spanish Sener Group, plans to build the first hybrid solar project in Spain with a useful life of 30 years. It will combine CSP technology with molten salt and photovoltaics. Called »Solgest-1,« the plant will have an installed capacity of 150 MW and will be located in the municipality of Fuentes de Andalucía in the province of Seville.
In its current configuration, the system has a CSP unit with a storage capacity of more than six hours and is combined with a 40 MW PV facility that covers part of the CSP unit's needs during the day and feeds electricity into the grid. The hybrid power plant generates electricity 24 hours a day and feeds it into the Carmona substation in Seville via a high-voltage line (220 kV). The photovoltaic system consists of 96,930 polycrystalline silicon modules from an unnamed manufacturer, each with an output of 415 watts, installed on horizontal, single-axis solar trackers.
Each part of the system can operate independently, allowing any maintenance to be performed without interrupting power generation. Sener says it is currently working on the environmental impact statement for the project.

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