SEG Solar acquires site for 2 GW module production in Texas

SEG Solar Inc, an organizationally independent spin-off of China’s Seraphim Solar Systems Ltd since December 2022, is putting into action a plan it announced last September to build a solar module factory with two gigawatts of annual capacity. The Houston, Texas-based company has purchased a building there with about 15,000 square meters of production, warehouse and office space. Production is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2024, and the company also plans to move its headquarters to the new site before the end of the current year.
The total investment to build the factory is expected to be around $60 million. SEG Solar will »source some components for the modules produced at the factory from local suppliers,« according to a statement.
SEG Solar was formed in 2016 with headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, and distributed solar modules under the brand names »SEG Solar« and »Seraphim.« The transformation into an independent company began in March 2021.

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