Schleswig-Holstein cabinet decides on solar obligation for new buildings, parking lots and state buildings

The cabinet of German state of Schleswig-Holstein has approved the amendment to the Schleswig-Holstein Energy Transition and Climate Protection Act presented by Environment Minister Jan Philipp Albrecht. It sets out comprehensive targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state by 2050 and additional measures to achieve them. Accordingly, the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the state is to be reduced by at least 55 percent by 2030, 70 percent by 2040 and up to 95 percent by 2050 compared to the total emissions in 1990.
The law also includes provisions for greater expansion of photovoltaic systems. For example, a PV obligation for suitable roof surfaces will be introduced for new construction and for renovation of more than ten percent of the roof surface of all non-residential buildings. In addition, solar systems must also be installed on new construction of larger parking lots with more than 100 parking spaces. In the future, properties owned by the state are to be equipped with photovoltaics as a matter of principle in renovations and new buildings.
According to the ministry, current studies see a potential of photovoltaics on buildings in Schleswig-Holstein of seven to nine gigawatts, currently 1.1 gigawatts are installed. The new law is to be passed by the fall of 2021 and come into force before the end of this legislative period.

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