RWE’s first floating PV plant goes online in the Netherlands

With the commissioning of a floating solar power plant with a capacity of 6.1 megawatts (MW) in the Netherlands, German energy group RWE AG now also has a first FPV (floating photovoltaics) project in its portfolio. Anchored to 52 concrete blocks, the system is installed on a cooling water lake no longer in use at the Amer power plant in Geertruidenberg (province of North Brabant), which is also operated by RWE. Together with a 500-kilowatt system already installed on one of the power plant buildings in 2018 and a 2.4 MW ground-mounted system added in 2021, the »Amer Solar Park« now has 9 MW of capacity. The thermal power plant, which runs on biomass (80 percent) and coal, provides 600 MW of electrical power and 350 MW of heat.

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