RLI publishes data for the planning of »electrification strategies for health care facilities«

After completion of »EnerSHelF«, a German-Ghanaian research project to improve energy supply for health facilities in Ghana, the Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI) has published information gained during the project as open source data packages. An interactive map (webmap) was developed for visualization. The information is intended to help plan the supply of electricity to hospitals and similar facilities, as well as the surrounding communities.
The EnerSHelF project explored the framework for photovoltaic-based power supply to healthcare facilities in Ghana. Among the findings was that such facilities have a very specific load profile with comparatively high peaks – such as when an X-ray machine is turned on. As a result, »including the surrounding households in the energy system planning proved promising for balancing the short but high peak loads«. Another – unsurprising – key finding is that the cost of electricity with a combination of PV and diesel is lower by a factor of four than with diesel-only solutions.

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