Risen Energy announces PV module with high strength alloy steel frame

Chinese Risen Energy Co., Ltd. has announced the release of its PV module with high strength alloy steel frame »in response to ongoing demand for carbon footprint reduction.« According to the company, »steel processing far outperforms the electrolytic aluminium equivalent in terms of carbon emission and energy consumption reduction.« 13,500kWh of thermal power is required to produce one tonne of aluminium, equivalent to 11.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) whilst similarly, 4,500kWh power and corresponding 1.8 tonnes CO2 are needed to produce one tonne of steel, says Risen Energy: »Simply swapping out aluminium for steel of any type is not a simple exercise.« The high strength alloy steel frame looks the same as the one made of aluminium, yet it out performs in strength, corrosion and weather resistance because of the use of corrosion-resistant zinc-aluminium-magnesium coating as well as Risen Energy's surface treatment technology. The company's Titan series of modules has received IEC certification from the independent testing and certification organization TÜV SÜD. A timeline for market introduction has not been disclosed.

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