Risen Energy and Providence Asset Group jointly to develop PV plants in Australia

Chinese solar module manufacturer Risen Energy Co., Ltd. announced a strategic partnership with Providence Asset Group. The two parties signed an agreement whereby they will collaborate on investment and on the development of solar PV power projects.
According to the company, this partnership will provide Risen Energy with strong financial support, helping to accelerate its expansion into overseas markets. Both plan to establish a partnership with the University of New South Wales, Australia, for the development of Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P), which provides industry-led collaborations with short term (up to three years) matched funding of up to AUD 3 million (USD 2.1 million) to develop important new technologies, products and services. Furthermore, Risen Energy and Providence Asset are targeting to fund projects, in addition to collaborating on the development of new energy storage facilities and the construction of smart cities. »We plan to fully integrate superior industry resources to accelerate expansion especially in photovoltaic energy, while further promoting the high capacity and large-scale application of energy storage in the renewable energy sector,« says Risen Energy chairman Lin Haifeng.

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