Rio Tinto to tender 4 GW of wind or solar plants in Australia

British-Australian mining group Rio Tinto is looking to kick-start the construction of large-scale wind and solar power plants in the Australian state of Queensland through a Request for Proposals (RFP). By 2030, the projects are intended to »competitively meet the energy needs« of three assets in the Gladstone region: the Boyne smelter (photo) and the two alumina refineries Yarwun and Queensland. This is to be done via the public power grid, so the plants do not necessarily have to be located in the direct vicinity of the Rio Tinto properties.
The requirement for the assets to be supplied is »1,140 MW of reliable power to operate, which equates to at least 4,000 MW of quality wind or solar power with firming.« The company initially left open whether this »firming« is to be provided by battery storage, for example. More specific details on the RFP »will be made when appropriate.« Rio Tinto is pursuing the goal of halving the Group’s emissions by 2030 and operating net zero by 2050.

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